Chicken Coop Insect Control

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Bo-Jo Fishlights could also be called Bo-Jo COOPlights! Our amazing lights are a chemical-free method to control mosquitos and flies in your coop in a safe solution that also acts as an organic supplementary food source for your flock.

Rooster in a chicken coop

Our awesome hanging lights have become a popular addition to many people’s chicken coops to help control mosquitos, flies and wasps while providing a bonus protein snack for chickens. As you know, fly control in a chicken coop is sometimes considered a losing battle, but Bo-Jo Lights can help quite a bit.

We will admit that the use of Bo-Jo lights in poultry farms and household coops wasn’t something we expected. But after the tremendous success of our lights on ponds and lakes, someone got the bright idea (there’s a pun there somewhere) to try a single light in their coop. Then they bought 5 more. And Bo-Jo was off to more and more farms across the country!

Eggs at a poultry farm.As Davis Wren said in 2018 “An excellent product. This is the second one I have purchased. I installed this one in my chicken coop. My hens wake up to hundreds of insects to eat. Natural protein and lots of it!

Your feathered flock can be bothered by all kinds of pests. Bo-Jo lights can help with some of the flying ones! Instead of reaching for the can of bug spray or other pesticides, try a Bo-Jo light array as a more natural remedy that will be better tolerated by your birds.

Bo-Jo lights also don’t “zap” the bugs like many pest control lights like the Dyna Trap do. Bugs knocked down by a B0-Jo light are much more palatable to your birds.


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Who Needs a Bo-jo Fishlight?

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From lake houses to canal homes, anyone with a dock can enjoy a Bo-Jo Fishlight! Fun for fishermen of all ages and skill levels; this dock fishing light brings the fish to you so you can spend more time catching. Whether you are a talented bass fisherman looking to catch bigger and better fish or a father who wants to teach his children how to fish, the Bo-jo Fishlight is for you.

Why Get a Dock Fishing Light?

Fishing lights are the perfect accessory for any home with a dock.  Bringing an exciting activity right to your backyard, these lights can help you and your family:

  • Get Outside: Whether it’s watching the fish swim around the dock during the day or trying to catch a couple in the evening, fishing lights make it fun to spend time outdoors.
  • Repel Bugs: Enjoy your dock in the evening while keeping the insects occupied. Fishing lights attract bugs to the corner of your dock and swat them down for the fish to eat so you can worry less about getting eaten yourself.
  • Learn About Fish: You’ll see more fish during the day and at night giving you the opportunity to watch, learn and teach others about the different kinds of fish in your lake or pond.
  • Catch More: Attracting the fish to your dock with a fishing light will make it easy to catch as many as you want!

How Does It Work?

When the sun goes down, the Bo-Jo Fishlight turns on to attract insects just like a bug zapper. Instead of zapping the bugs, however, our dock fishing light uses four spinning cords to knock them into the water next to your dock. With their favorite midnight snack in easy reach, the Bo-Jo Fishlight brings fish of all types straight to you for a feeding frenzy!

The excitement does not stop when the night is over. After learning there’s a nightly feast at your place, the fish will linger during the day making your dock a hot spot for fishing 24/7. To see the Bo-Jo Fishlight in action, watch the video below.

Want More Information?

If you’d like more information on the Bo-Jo Fishlight, check out our FAQ Page, read our customer testimonials or contact us with your questions. To purchase your fish light today, head over to our online store!

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What Types of Fish Can You Catch?

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Types of Fish

A large mouth bass being pulled from a pond in early September.Want to know how to catch more fish? We have an answer. The Bo-Jo Fishlight, when installed on your pond, lake or dock, allows you to catch a variety of different fish. Our products work well whether you’re targeting saltwater fish or freshwater fish. The list below captures some of the many types of fish you can catch if you have a Bo-Jo Fishlight installed:

  • Catfish
  • Koi Fish
  • Carp
  • Shad
  • Crappy
  • Bass
  • Trout
  • Bluegill
  • Brim
  • Pickerel

The type of fish you catch all depends on your location— whether you’re in a rockier location, near steep shore banks or in a shallow back yard pond. Depending on your location, you may need either the hanging Bo-Jo Fishlight or our swing-arm Bo-Jo Fishlight that attaches to your dock. Both Fishlights have an automatic sensor that turns the light on at dusk. As bugs fly toward the light, they are swatted down into the water below. Fish swim toward this location to feed on the endless supply of food. Each night, as more bugs get knocked into the water, fish begin to realize that this is a great location for food so they begin swimming in this area more often. Before you know it, you’ve got an automatic, reliable fish feeder that allows you to catch more fish.

Try Today, Catch More Fish Tomorrow

If you’re still not convinced that the Bo-Jo Fishlight will greatly enhance your ability to catch more fish, read what others have to say! You can also check-out our FAQ page or contact us with questions.

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Underwater Green Fishing Lights vs. The BoJo Fishlight

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If fishing is one of your hobbies, it’s likely that you’ve heard of underwater fishing lights and underwater dock lights. Many people search for these types of fishing lights because they’ve heard they’re great at attracting fish. From personal experience, we’ve seen differences between underwater lights and our above-ground fish attracting lights.

Types of Fishlights, BoJo FishlightDifferences & Advantages

  • Underwater Green Fishing Lights – These lights generate green lighting underneath the water that attracts plankton and smaller creatures toward the light. From there, larger fish and even sharks, visit this area more frequently. As a result, this becomes a common feeding location. These lights work best near bigger bodies of water, like the ocean, to attract saltwater marine life. These products are typically more expensive and require a more complex set-up.
  • BoJo Fishlight – There are two different types: The Swing-Arm Fishlight that attaches to docks and the Hanging Chainlight Fishlight that attaches to overhanging poles or branches. These fish attracting lights are simple. At dusk, the automatic sensor turns the light on. As bugs fly toward the light, they are swatted down into the water below by a thin, spinning wire. Each night, as more bugs fall into the water, fish begin to realize that this is a reliable spot for food during both the day and night. As a result, fish swim in this area more frequently. These lights work best near ponds, lakes or streams.

Selecting the best Fishlight for You

When it comes down to it, you have to decide what type of fish you’re wanting to catch, what location you’ll be catching them in, and how much you’re willing to pay to do it. If you are near an ocean and looking to catch sharks, it might make sense to pay more and go with Underwater Green Fishing Lights. If you want to catch freshwater fish near a lake, stream or pond, and have a smaller budget, shop our one-of-a-kind BoJo Fishlights. Still trying to decide what is best? Contact us today for more information.

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Florida Fishing

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Florida fishing is a year-round pastime. Florida’s many fishing locations and moderate temperate combine to create one of the best places to fish in the southeast. Read below to learn more about fishing in Florida and how the BoJo Fishlight increases your chances of catching the best fish!

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