Praise from Our Customers

If you are a Bo-Jo owner, feel free to send us a note and/or pictures of your light. If we get enough great images, maybe we’ll create a photo slideshow of them here on our website!


Our Fishlights Get Rave Reviews from Their Users!

“Trying to kill excessive population of water midges. From sept thru the 1st freeze, the midges own the lake side of my house if you turn a light on. They basically render the lake side of the house useless after dark. I have experimented with bug zappers, but they get overwhelmed by the sheer number of midges, they form like a beard barrier of zapped bugs. After this barrier has formed, like 1 minute, the zapper becomes ineffective.

Your product works great. It does not get overwhelmed. Last night i had catfish, minnows, shad, perch, and turtles feeding on the thousands of midges being knocked down to the surface every minute. Incredible. I have no idea of how many midges your product took out, but i would guesstimate millions per night. I do have to clean the bug stuff off the 4 lines each morning, as a build up has stuck to these, making them bigger and heavier. But it is easy to remove.

I just ordered 2 more of your lights, i feel your product has a real chance of helping control the midget population in my house area, and as a by-product, there are some damn happy fish!”
-Jack Curtis
September 8, 2021

“I love your products. I have 4 of your lights that I have had at least 10 years. I have not had a single issue with any of them and the run 24/7, 365 days a year. There is not a single piece of equipment on my farm or in my house, that I can say that about!”
– Gary Rothenberg
June 11, 2019

“The best money that I have ever spent! Thanks for a great product.”
– Jay Riley
Chicago, IL

“I cant begin to count how many hours I have spent observing fish by just quietly sitting out on the dock by the BoJo during the middle of the night. I am always amazed at the activity all night long! During the peak of summer, schools of Bluegill and Crappie will be huddled around the light with their mouths constantly slurping the bugs off of the surface.”
– Anonymous Owner

“This is just a thank you note about your light. My wife purchased the Bo-Jo light last year as a birthday gift. My grandchildren and I have really enjoyed catching fish for a change, where before the light there were few fish. I live on a slough off Lake Blackshear in Georgia and am able to see lots of bream under this light and also see bass come in and hit the bream. If you don’t fish, it’s nature’s side show… worth watching! I have a friend across the slough from me that ran an underwater camera out to the light and watches that instead of TV at night.”
– Pete Johnson
Cordele, GA

“I have had a security type light mounted just above the water on my dock for years. I installed the Bo-Jo about a week or ten days ago. Last night I was on the dock and there were bugs around both lights, but the only bugs on the water were under your light. There were approximately ten nice bream cruising under your light and no fish under my security light.”
– Anonymous Owner

August 22, 2021
“This light works great with the green and white bulbs. There are hundreds of minnows directly under the light swimming against the current to stay under the light eating the the small bugs hitting the water. There are hundreds of larger bait fish on the outer light cast eating the larger bugs the minnows don’t eat.

Now there are fish at our dock all the time, more in the evening as they are coming in for the light to come on.
Thanks Bob. What a great product.”
Scott DiPatri
Green Cove Springs, Florida

“… I will send you some pictures after I get these 4 lights installed. I’ll have 16 total on my 10 acre pond. Love them. They make great lighting, decrease bugs and feed my big fat happy fish”.
– One Happy Customer
Shellsburg, Iowa

Received my light a couple of weeks ago…and mounted it on our pier at the river…
It was simply amazing to see the fish that are drawn to the light and all the bugs that are falling on the water…caught fish the first night we had it…and by 5am the next morning just before daylight…it looked like a dang aquarium under the light…Amazing!!!!!
Love my Bo-Jo fish light!
– Howard Ward
Denham Springs, Louisiana

I have had one for four months. My friend has had one for 2 years. They are AMAZING!! The weedeater blades kill or knock bugs into the water. It truly turns my dock into an aquarium! You would be stunned to see the stripers we catch at night! 
– Brandan Martin
Lake Chickamauga, TN

Our Bo-Jo fish light has added a completely new dimension to our fishing. On any night I can walk down to the dock and catch 2 or 3 nice bass or crappie in less than five minutes. Not only does the light help with evening fishing, it also provides entertainment at night as we watch the minnows and bream that congregate around the light. Day fishing is greatly improved because of the increased activity at night. My light has run nightly for over a year and continues to function perfectly. Thanks for making such a great product.
-Mac Abney
Marshall, TX

I installed a Bo-Jo Fishlight on my dock about a year ago and every night when the light comes on the fish come to feed on the insects. I’ve noticed a much higher concentration of fish around my dock, especially bass and bluegill – while most fishing is done in daylight hours the fishing at night is incredible. The only maintenance required is to periodically clean the weed eater cords. I highly recommend the Bo-Jo to anyone who has a place on a lake or pond. It is a constant free source of food and very entertaining to watch fish feeding on the bugs.
– Earl Bentz
Triton Boats
Nashville, TN