If fishing is one of your hobbies, it’s likely that you’ve heard of underwater fishing lights and underwater dock lights. Many people search for these types of fishing lights because they’ve heard they’re great at attracting fish. From personal experience, we’ve seen differences between underwater lights and our above-ground fish attracting lights.

Types of Fishlights, BoJo FishlightDifferences & Advantages

  • Underwater Green Fishing Lights – These lights generate green lighting underneath the water that attracts plankton and smaller creatures toward the light. From there, larger fish and even sharks, visit this area more frequently. As a result, this becomes a common feeding location. These lights work best near bigger bodies of water, like the ocean, to attract saltwater marine life. These products are typically more expensive and require a more complex set-up.
  • BoJo Fishlight – There are two different types: The Swing-Arm Fishlight that attaches to docks and the Hanging Chainlight Fishlight that attaches to overhanging poles or branches. These fish attracting lights are simple. At dusk, the automatic sensor turns the light on. As bugs fly toward the light, they are swatted down into the water below by a thin, spinning wire. Each night, as more bugs fall into the water, fish begin to realize that this is a reliable spot for food during both the day and night. As a result, fish swim in this area more frequently. These lights work great near ponds, lakes or streams.

Selecting the best Fishlight for You

When it comes down to it, you have to decide what type of fish you’re wanting to catch, what location you’ll be catching them in, and how much you’re willing to pay to do it. If you want to catch freshwater fish near a lake, stream or pond, shop our one-of-a-kind BoJo Fishlights. Still trying to decide what is best? Contact us today for more information.