Florida fishing is a year-round pastime. Florida’s many fishing locations and moderate temperate combine to create one of the best places to fish in the southeast. Read below to learn more about fishing in Florida and how the BoJo Fishlight increases your chances of catching the best fish!

Florida Lakes

Throughout Florida, there are hundreds of different areas to wet a hook. But where are the best fishing spots in Florida? Some of the best kept secrets are found in and around Florida lakes. In fact, the BoJo Fishlight has seen great success in Florida lakes such as Lake Tohopekaliga and Lake Okeechobee. In order to get the best results, many local fishermen have set-up their Bo-Jo Fishlight on their dock, or hung their BoJo Fishlight from overhanging limbs or trees.

Each night, the BoJo Fishlight’s automatic sensor turns on at dusk. As bugs fly toward the light, they are swatted down into the water below. As bugs continue to get swatted into the water, fish begin to learn that this spot serves as a reliable source for food. As a result, these docks and coves turn into some of the best Lake Tohopekaliga or Lake Okeechobee fishing spots!

Best Fishing Spots in Florida

Outside of Florida lakes, there are many other great places to fish in Florida. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Florida Keys Fishing – The 125 mile-long arc of islands that make up the Florida Keys offers an outstanding environment for fishing almost any time of year.
  • Orlando Fishing – Orlando isn’t just filled with theme parks – the east coast of Orlando is known for the redfish, tarpon, tuna, tripletail and more!
  • Tampa Bay Fishing – The 400 square mile span of Tampa Bay is filled with estuaries and a variety of diverse fish.
  • Fishing in Miami – Whether you want to go deep sea fishing or simply fish from land, there are tons of options for every fisherman!
  • Fort Lauderdale Fishing – From reef and bottom fishing to small and large fish, Fort Lauderdale is a great place for charter fishing or fishing from the dock with family!
  • Fishing in the Everglades – Frequently referred to as the “Mangrove Jungles,” there are several fishing charters, docks, and kayak fishing opportunities for individuals and groups.

For more information on how the BoJo Fishlight can enhance your fishing experience, contact us today! Ready to catch more fish on your lake or pond? Shop our products!